Welcome to Leaders By Design Toastmasters Club.

We meet for a minimum of 12 meetings per year across various Areas and Divisions throughout District 69. The purpose of our Club is to serve as a role model for all Clubs within the District.

As a role model club, the aim is to hone and polish existing Toastmaster skills — yet doing this in a relaxed and friendly environment, over the course of a dinner meeting.


To join Leaders By Design Toastmasters Club you need to have held, or are holding, one of these positions within District 69 or elsewhere :

  1. Area Governor
  2. Division Governor
  3. A Senior Executive position within a Toastmasters District
Leadership is more than a feeling - it's action !
Leadership is more than a feeling – it’s action ! Nick and Joan Rinaldi have stepped up to take the challenge of being part of the Leaders By Design.

Want to Visit ?

As each meeting is held in a different location – or even a distinctly different Area or Division – there is the opportunity for all past and present leaders within District 69 to attend a meeting of the club.

The way this is intended to work is that prior to the club meeting a notice will be sent to the Area and Division Governors, with the meeting location, time, and cost. Each club meeting is open to all Toastmasters (and their spouse) in that Area.

Note that to become a member of this club, the positions of Area Governor, Division Governor or Senior Executive Position need to have been met.

To find out more, please Contact Us and we’ll send you more information about future events.